A globetrotter’s help guide to using bank cards abroad. Your bank card can be utilized in many nations around the world in the same manner just like you exercise home.

A globetrotter's help guide to using bank cards abroad. Your bank card can be utilized in many nations around the world in the same manner just like you exercise home.

You don’t have to write to us as soon as you want to travel, but there are certain things you may want to see:

Time for a list?

Consider what you must do prior to taking the charge card overseas. You will find much more about this in the part below.

Research your options

Analysis credit card foreign currency exchange rates and non-sterling transaction costs you may want to cover. Look at the T&C’s for complete info.

In the event

Get another card or kind cost along with you.

What you should do prior to taking their credit card overseas

Look at your credit expiration time to make sure it doesn’t come to an end throughout your excursion.

Think of starting a Direct Debit to pay for any repayments because of while you’re away.

Inspect whether you need your own card in the united kingdom you’re heading for, because there were limitations for many nations.

Look at the contact details tend to be latest, therefore we get in contact with you if we’re concerned with possible fraudulent task on your accounts.

Make a note of the international quantity to get in touch with an emergency: +44 1244 659 005. Common system fees may use.

Foreign currency rate of exchange and charges

Unless if not given in your accounts conditions and terms, the subsequent costs and expense use when you use the bank card for foreign currency deals:

Forex conversion rates :

Mastercard payments made in forex will be subject to a changeable rate of exchange set by your cost design company – that is either Mastercard® or charge.

Non-sterling deal cost :

2.95per cent of the deal appreciate. If a retailer/service provider provides the solution to shell out in weight sterling, they could also charge a charge, so talk to them if your wanting to shell out.

Money transaction fee :

5per cent regarding the deal value. If you use your own charge card to withdraw money from an ATM, or get foreign currency/travellers’ cheques (including agency de change treatments in the UK), a finances detachment charge normally can be applied. This can be recharged as well as the non-sterling exchange charge.

By taking out earnings with credit cards overseas, or go shopping in a foreign money, you are recharged interest about purchase. Please refer to the conditions and terms of one’s account fully for details.

Examine the currency sales costs if you use their card inside the European financial room (EEA)

The calculator here can help assess the cost of making use of your mastercard in EEA. Including a regular money sales cost (Non-Sterling purchase fee) of 2.95per cent.

The costs are shown as a portion mark-up within the newest European core lender (ECB) rates which can help examine the expense within various bank cards you have.

Please be aware: The calculator should be made use of as a guide only. We use Mastercard, charge and ECB rates in the calculator that are subject to modification and therefore are updated by united states every business working-day.

EEA currencies other than euro will be changed into euro first following to Pounds Sterling.

To use the calculator, be sure to pick their credit plan, currency and exchange levels.

Change Key/Value Set Calculator

Modify Key/Value Set Calculator


Charge Exchange Rate

Conversion process to Pounds Sterling (GBP)

Non Sterling deal cost (criterion speed 2.95percent)*

Exchange percent mark up over latest ECB rates

Indicative quantity that you could discover on the statement for expenditures

Finances Purchase Fee

When using their credit card to withdraw cash from a finances equipment or higher the table, purchase non-sterling currency, betting deals as well as other finances equivalents, such as giving funds order or cable transfers (aside from balance transfers or revenue exchanges), getting coins, banknotes or digital money, paying government fines, administration, charges, charges or bills, on the web investments eg share dealing or opportunities, purchasing or topping up electric revenue, payment cards, mobile purses or membership dashboard solutions.

Modify Key/Value Set Calculator

Modify Key/Value Pair Calculator

Mastercard Exchange Rate

Conversion to Lbs Sterling (GBP)

Non Sterling deal charge (standards speed 2.95percent)*

Deal % mark-up over latest ECB speed


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