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Actor – Lea Thompson
Back to the Future is a movie starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson. Marty McFly, a 17-year-old high school student, is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his
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genre – Sci-Fi, Adventure

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Since first seeing this classic in 1985 and thru the years from premium cable, TV network, video, DVD, and cable showings “Back to the Future” has always been an enjoyable film. I’ve saw it enough many times and whether it be with family or by myself I still enjoy. Clearly the film is well liked for it’s theme even though time travel is fantasy, still when blended with adventure and great sci-fi special effects “Back to the Future” is without a doubt a memorable classic.
Directed by film master and genius Steven Spielberg along with special effects wizard Robert Zemeckis they helped make this film one of the most groundbreaking works of all-time. And the story is a catch even though mostly wrapped up in fantasy still the time travel plot sells to all of our hearts making us fall in love with the time travel fantasy. 1980’s TV star Michael J. Fox( Family Ties” stars as teen Marty McFly a down on his luck and out of touch high school slacking teenager who’s only hope of escape in his present day 1985 is his love of rock music and being buddies with his sidekick wild scientist Dr. Brown(Christopher Lloyd. Yet both feel history is about to change as Doc Brown has created a time machine inside his DeLorean car. Oddly this is groundbreaking yet both become mixed up in a time shattering chain reaction that could keep them stuck in the past with a vaporized future.
Strangely they travel back to 1955 at a critical time when Marty’s parents had yet to meet. During this time conflict and danger is abound as Marty has to be careful not to expose to much of his identity to his important past, because that is his critical future that he must protect from obstacles. In the past it was fun to see Marty having to force his parents to get together, and plus putting up with old high school bully Biff was entertaining and comical.
Lessons learned from this movie is time travel though fun and interesting like seeing the past of your hometown and the fact that you would get to meet your parents before they conceived you would be great, still when facing the conflicts of identity exposure and dealing with past pest(Biff) and unexpected events would be very dangerous and risky. Still “Back to the Future” is now an immortalized pop culture film classic coming along in a time the mid 80’s that showcased and interesting fantasy plot of time travel that filled our entertainment thirst. As it was such a memorable and well liked film for showing that it would be nice and such a dream for anyone to go back and see important things in their past while in the meantime it’s such a good feel to be able to shape things in your past that lead to a happy future just like Marty’s character did in the film. The adventure and action special effects blend in well with the fantasy theme to make “Back to the Future” a film that’s unforgettable, memorable and one that will certainly stand the test of time.

  • an iconic film
  • great visuals for the time
  • a feel good adventure movie
  • still holds up as an all time favourite

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